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A Committee is elected every year to manage the administration and oversight of the Garden, while group leaders coordinate teams dedicated to various functions such as the communal vegetable areas, composting, food forest care, native habitat gardens, chickens, and arts in the garden.

The Committee meets monthly, on the Thursday ten days before the monthly working bee, from 6.30 - 8.00 pm. All members are welcome to attend our meetings – contact us for zoom link during the colder months and join us in the garden during daylight savings months.

The Committee can be contacted at committee@rcog.org.au

Our Constitution and other documents

RCOG Constitution.doc
RCOG Members Rights & Responsibilities.pdf

Our Aims

RCOG seeks to offer the opportunity for the local community:

Our Uses

RCOG brings many lasting benefits to our community in the areas of health (physical and mental), social aspects and education. Our garden is used as a formal and informal learning venue for sustainable gardening practices.

The process of organic gardening also allows for the education of waste conversion and minimisation, recycling, learning about natural systems, awareness and connection with nature, promotion of a healthy diet and lifestyle and the opportunity for people to be involved in their own food production.