Covid-19 RCOG Updates

RCOG COVID-19 Guidelines for Visitors

Now that isolation restrictions have been loosened non-members can once again visit the garden under the escort of a garden member.

If a member of the public asks a member if they can have a look around the garden the following protocols need to be followed to ensure COVID-19 Safety:

  • The visitor(s) must give their names and contact details to the member, so that the garden can make contact with them to enable contact tracing.

  • The names and contact details must be recorded in the visitor notebook, along with the date and time of their visit. This is located in the shed.

  • Visitors must take down the contact details of the garden (on the front sign and here: and agree to contact the garden if they or someone they have been in contact with before the visit is diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • The visitors can only be admitted if after they have entered there will be less than 20 people in the garden.

  • The visitors must be escorted by the member.

  • Visitors must treat the garden with respect and any young children closely supervised and any dogs kept under control, on a leash.

  • Visitors and members must remain at least 1.5m apart to maintain social distancing

  • Visitors are to be offered the opportunity to wash their hands after the visit.

  • The member must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water after the visitors have left.

Thank you for your understanding 🐞💚

Being a member of the Randwick Community Organic Garden gives you many benefits, including:
  • Participation in community organic gardening including planting, soil building, composting, and harvesting of the communal garden plots, food forests and fruit trees;
  • Entry into the gardens 7 days a week;
  • Regular newsletter updates;and
  • Social activities at the garden, including barbeques, morning teas, and special working bees.

The 2020/2021 annual membership fees are:

  • $55 for an individual ($30 pensioner/student)
  • $80 for a household membership ($60 pensioner/student)

 Membership runs from 1 July to 30 June each year. Payment is pro rata.

Individual garden plots
The garden has individual garden plots which are available for RCOG members to rent for an additional $55 a year. To be eligible to join the waiting list for an allotment you must attend three Working Bees and a new member induction meeting (held quarterly). You must also gain hands on composting experience in the Garden. However, all members can harvest produce from the common vegetable areas.

Members who have their own plots are expected to contribute to the garden by continuing to attend the monthly Working Bees. We understand people live full lives, so attending a majority of working bees each year is expected of plot holders.

How to become a member

If you would like to become a member of the garden, please print out and complete the membership form below and bring it along to the next working bee. You can make payment by:
  • transfer to the Garden's bank account;
  • cheque; or
  • cash can be paid to the Membership coordinator at working bees.

More information about payments and membership responsibilities appears on the membership form below.

How to renew your Membership

Membership fees for 2019/20 are due by 16th July 2019. You will need to have paid your fees before the General Annual Meeting in July to be eligible to vote at that meeting. Please make payments to the Garden's Bendigo Bank account.

Account name; Randwick Community Organic Garden

BSB: 633 000

Account number: 126 047 018.

Please put your name in the reference field. This is the only way we have of knowing you are the person who made that payment.

You can also make payment by cheque or cash (which can be paid to the Membership coordinator at the July working bee).

New Members

If you have recently joined the gardens - welcome! Please download and read the factsheets below 'Dear New Member' and 'Members Rights and Responsibilities' which give you some essential information about the gardens. 

Now that you are a member you will need to choose which group in the garden to join for your first three working bees.

Communal areas and key organic gardening processes in the gardens are managed by six core groups :

  • Composting and seed-raising
  • Vegetable growing
  • Tools and infrastructure
  • Pest management
  • Native areas
  • Food Forests
Each group works in their respective area at the monthly working bees. At the next working bee you attend, speak to one of the group coordinators for whichever group you would like to join, and they will show you around the garden and introduce you to some of your fellow gardeners.  Group coordinators are members of RCOG executive committee and thus have direct input into the management of the garden.

All members belong to at least one of the core groups.

RCOG members can also elect to be part of the three special interest groups:
  • Chooks
  • Fruit trees
  • Arts and social activities    
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