This page contains accounts and photos of past events in the garden.

Painting of the Garden Sign - January 2007

posted Sep 9, 2010, 5:03 PM by Randwick Community Organic Garden   [ updated Sep 13, 2010, 9:01 PM ]

Our wonderful sign was painted by some of our members.

The sign was designed by Gale who also gave direction to our members' artistic skills with the paint brush.

Organic paint was used and has withstood the test of time and weather with flying colours !

Painting of the Garden Sign

Construction of the chook pen fence

posted Sep 7, 2010, 3:54 PM by Randwick Community Organic Garden   [ updated Sep 7, 2010, 4:04 PM ]

Our beloved chooks got killed by a fox in August 2009 and we endeavoured to re-develop and extend the pen, and build a very high and very secure fence, with wire half a metre deep in the ground to prevent foxes or dogs digging under it.
The pen will later be divided in two sections: one for the chickens and one for crops. When the chooks have cleaned up , and fertilised, one section, they will be moved to the other one where they will enjoy a fresh crop of plants, herbs and weeds specially sown for them.

Construction of the chook fence - November 2009

Painting the water tank mural

posted Sep 7, 2010, 3:45 PM by Randwick Community Organic Garden   [ updated Sep 7, 2010, 3:53 PM ]

At the beginning of 2009, the garden acquired a very large water tank (22,000 litres) and connected it to nearby roofs. Karen O' Connor, RCOG artist in residence, designed a mural and organised a group of RCOG members to paint the mural on the very high walls of the tank, including its roof ! The tank has now become a landmark, with its bright earthy colours, that can be seen from Botany Street.

Mural painting - April 2009

Drawing in the Garden

posted Sep 28, 2009, 12:38 PM by Randwick Community Organic Garden   [ updated Sep 7, 2010, 4:12 PM ]

Starting in March 2009, we had a terrific drawing and painting course on site where we drew plants, flowers and features from the garden and experiment with colour and collage techniques. Our thanks to Sande Bruch for her ideas, her patience and guidance.

Drawing in the Garden - March 2009

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