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The Randwick Community Organic Gardens is a not-for-profit incorporated association where membership is open to all. RCOG is being created for, and is managed by, the local community.

RCOG offers the opportunity for the local community:

  • to access space to grow fresh veggies, herbs and flowers using organic gardening methods while enjoying the benefits of robust, outdoor health
  • to participate in free educational workshops in sustainable gardening and creative environments
  • to enjoy the social benefits of community garden membership; meet people from different segments of the community and develop friendships
  •  to improve our environment through involvement in a practical project that enhances our local open space as it offers simple solutions for environmentally friendly living and enhances our self-reliance.

RCOG brings many lasting benefits to our community in the areas of health (nutrition and physical), social aspects and in particular education. Our garden is used as a learning venue for sustainable gardening practices. The process of organic gardening allows for the education of waste conversion and minimisation, recycling, learning about natural systems, awareness and connection with nature, promotion of a healthy diet and lifestyle and the opportunity for people to be involved in their food production. Through volunteers the RCOG adopts the role of providing information combined with hands on skills to educate about broader environmental issues in our city. 

As a member of the Australian City Farms and Community Garden Network and through the Sydney Community Gardens Network, other gardening groups and interested parties from the wider community visit us. We also aim to be a demonstration garden and set standards in sustainability that are increasingly valued and supported. 

History of the Randwick Community Organic Garden (RCOG)

RCOG made a start in 1993 as a tenant of the Randwick Community Centre in Bundock Street. But in April 2000, the Bundock Street site was lost with the redevelopment of the Department of Defense land on which the community garden and Randwick Community Centre were situated.

At the time we had 60 members of the community garden. Randwick City Council promised to provide RCOG with a new space to garden.

In November 2004, RCOG Incorporated signed a lease with Randwick City Council after the site at Paine Reserve was finalised and a development application approved. The area used by RCOG is within the northern end of the reserve and its status was an undeveloped road reserve that allowed access to the Scout Hall before rezoning for our purpose.

How RCOG is structured

RCOG has communal areas and individual allotments. Communal areas and key organic gardening processes are managed by six core groups :
  • Composting and seed-raising
  • Vegetable growing
  • Tools and infrastructure
  • Pest management
  • Native areas
  • Food Forests
Each group works in their respective area at the monthly working bees. Group coordinators are members of RCOG executive committee and thus have direct input into the management of the garden.

All members belong to at least one of the core groups.
New members choose a group when joining the RCOG and work with their group for their first three monthly working bees.

RCOG members can also elect to be part of the three special interest groups:
  • Chooks
  • Fruit trees
  • Arts and social activities     

Composition of the RCOG executive committee:
  • Chair
  • Coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Coordinators of the core groups (Composting and seed-raising, Vegetable growing, Tools and infrastructure, Pest management, Native areas, food forests)
The committee meets monthly and minutes of the meetings are sent to all members.

Our sponsors

RCOG receives the generous support of Randwick City Council and Bendigo Bank as well as the neighbourhood community who recently generously contributed to the upgrading of our chook pen.

The growth in membership each year is an indicator of the level of community support for RCOG.

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